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Back to where it all began...

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

2015: This is one of the very first images I took that made me think 'I might like being a photographer!' Having no idea of the crazy amount of training, practice and money required to get started down that route, I happily carted my camera around with me for the next 3 years 'practicing' on friends children and really having no clue about lighting, angles, posing etc etc.

All I knew was I really loved running around like a crazy thing, trying to get them to laugh while attempting to balance my camera in one hand and take the shot all at the same time. That hasn't greatly changed to be honest, it's too much fun running around with the kids to try and get them to pose nicely. So there comes my style... mixed in now with a LOT of training! Children don't pose, not young ones at least! So I just aim for relaxed fun and natural laughter (with a little bit of guidance to get them facing the right direction) and so far that seems to work nicely.

So yes I love location shoots and I have my favourite times of year for them. There's the spring, with all the new beginnings unfolding around us and the hope that one day soon it might just warm up! The summer, with the amazing lavender and sunflower fields to make the brightest backgrounds. The crisp, frosty winter mornings make for stunning images of rosy-cheeked families all bundled up.

For me though, it's hard to beat the autumn, on a still-warm day, but as the leaves are full of colour and so much fun is to be had hunting for conkers and kicking the leaves into the air. I have been known to sit my child in a pumpkin in the park and we love our annual family trip to pick our pumpkin from a local patch.

So there's why I offer location shoots, it's these images that are now (finally, but that's another story) up on our walls and I want to help you also create magical moments like ours to be captured.

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