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How safe is that newborn photo?

So it happened. My facebook page got trolled. It wasn't nice! But it did push me to show you how I create the final newborn images that you receive! Do I actually swing your newborn through the air on a piece of fabric or sit babies on hard shelves? No of course I don't! There isn't room in my studio! But it can be a very detailed process getting from that set up to the piece of art ready for your walls. I have seen so many lightbulb moments in my studio when I set up a very boring looking shot and explain to confused looking parents what the end result will be.

Here for example, you can see this newborn snuggled up on a very soft posing ring. Flat.

His feet are up by his face because he's so new that's just where he naturally puts them. He's warm but not too warm because I am checking him. He's so comfy he's dozed right off and the wrap i've tucked in around him is helping to support his limbs, in their natural position.

As you can see, a pretty boring shot to start with. Then comes the editing... so a background change, texture applied and a bit of tidying up the bumpy bits on the wrap. Highlighting baby's gorgeous features and making him the focus point for the image. He is after all, the star of the show!

So what about this one...

This is one of my favourite images so far - in fact I had it made as a stunning tray canvas in my St Neots studio in Cambridgeshire. Mum had mentioned a shelf image and requested that I show his time of birth in some way. I love being given challenges by parents, it pushes my creativity to a whole new level. So again, he is super snug on my poser and nowhere near an actual shelf. Because who does that to babies, right! A more complicated editing process for sure, using a digital from one of my absolute favourite digital backdrop creators and yes I am chuffed I figured out how to change the hands on the clock!

I am a creative newborn photographer. Yes I do pose babies. I check their fingers and toes to make them more comfortable and I pose them in ways that enhance their absolute cuteness and newness. They do bend. But I leave the bending to them and work around any wayward limbs that just NEED to stick out! I love it when they do that as it totally shows off some character. My absolute priority is their comfort and safety. I am constantly checking their limbs, their temperature, the position of their neck to ensure a good oxygen supply and I ALWAYS composite images as I have been trained to do.

A new symbol was recently developed for newborn photographers to use to show that an image is a composite, to ensure parents and other photographers alike are aware that the photographer is practising safely. I aim to use this image and/or the hashtag #DigitallyAltered on future composite images. I may occasionally get so excited to show you an image that I forget, but always feel free to ask! You may be surprised by how many are composites! Laura

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