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Little me vs Coronavirus

Just one week ago I was thinking of how much my business has grown in the last 2 years. So much so that I have had to unfortunately turn down clients recently, because I have been so fully booked I just couldn’t squeeze in anyone else. I was excited for the future of the business that I have worked so hard for.

One week later, I along with many other small businesses are wondering how we are going to sustain ourselves over the coming weeks. For many of us, our small business is our main or only source of income to pay the bills and provide for our own children. We aren’t eligible for the Government’s coronavirus grant if we work from our home and the sick pay, while it may be appreciated, doesn’t cover the costs.

So I am asking you, those who are able, to please do something to help your local small businesses so that we are still here and able to offer our wonderful services when all of this is over. It doesn’t even have to cost you a penny, maybe just a few moments of your time.

1. Please search for us on Google Maps and if happy with our service, leave us a review. This helps us pop up on people’s future searches and may lead to a new booking.

2. Recommend us. Give us a little mention to anyone who may be considering our services. I offer a 10% referral discount to anyone who helps me secure a booking, plus 10% off for the new client!

3. Spread the love! By showing our pages to all your friends, you may just help us to reach the people who are looking to book our services, now or in a few months:

- Go to their business Facebook page

- Click on the Community tab

- Click in Invite your friends to like this page

- Click on See all friends

- Click on Select all

- Send invites

4. Share our posts. Help us grow our audience.

5. Buy a gift voucher. If you would like to come for a session but are unable to at present, a gift voucher makes a perfect present and gives the recipient something lovely to look forward to. It may also just help to keep that business afloat.

6. Book us. If you are expecting a baby in the next 6 months, book your session. You only have to pay a small deposit and you have the next 6 months to gradually pay off the balance bit by bit.

Book an Outdoor Family Session. No close contact required! And no sun required for me to create a beautiful set of images while your little family makes memories in the fresh air!

7. Please don’t cancel. Postpone instead if you have to. Newborn sessions are best taken when babies are up to 2 weeks old. However I have been photographing newborn or new baby sessions for babies up to around 9 weeks when they couldn’t come to see me before then. Whenever I take your photos, you will be guaranteed some gorgeous shots, no matter their age.

My studio is a one-woman show. I wash my hands before entering the studio and as I leave. You are asked now to please do the same. I always clean the studio after each client as standard. Now I also ensure the extra’s are included – those door handles and especially the (individually wrapped) chocolates pot. I wash every wrap, blanket and baby hat that has contact during the session and thoroughly clean the props.

For now, I won’t be offering to use any of the newborn headbands as their delicate dried flowers would be destroyed during a cleansing process. However, when we discuss your colour theme for the session, you are extremely welcome to purchase your own headbands and take those home with you for the memory box.

I always put the safety of my tiny clients first and should I show any signs of any illness whatsoever, your session will be postponed. Of course, I appreciate the same courtesy would come from you.

Today I built my desk in my new office, ready to organise your orders and finally have my very 'own' official editing space..!

Should any of my lovely clients need any help whatsoever during this time, I am more than happy to run errands, collect items and do what I can to help you out. We all have our own worries right now, but because we live in such a nice, caring community, I think we all want to give what we can.

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