You have so much patience...

Mums and dads in my studio often say to me 'you have so much patience to work with children like you do.' Well aside from just really enjoying working with your children (we generally just have fun anyway), today is a great example of why my patience has developed so much over the last couple of years...

So in the last 5 hours, my daughter Seren and I have spent some quality time together. She has 'helped' pour the milk on her cereal - while I turned to get her a spoon, she kindly dumped 2 litres of milk into her bowl, over the counter and onto the floor. Resulting in a perplexed big brother facing the prospect of dry weetabix and a tea-less morning for mummy.

Then we went for a rare shopping trip. Rare for the reason that I don't do shopping and I especially don't do my kids and shopping. She watched me try out the gait analysis machine to find some new trainers, helpfully informing me which buttons I should press on the treadmill - having managed to change the camera settings attached to the machine, before climbing onto the stool to see what was over the back of the fence...

Next was the promised trip to find her a new scooter for her birthday. That went relatively peacefully, she didn't ride the scooter down the stairs or run anyone over. I'll call that a win.

In my bubble of relative calm, I suggested we go for tea and cake. Tea and cake we definitely have in common. I picked up the tray, she picked up her own tray too - she's in a big phase of copying all of mummy's actions. Then as I placed our order, she disappeared under the cake stand, before attempting a swing on the cake stand bars 'they're like the ones at gym...' wobble wobble went the cakes - cue several nice ladies grabbing each side before it launched all the cakes into the air. We did have a lovely tea and cake together, once we made it to our seat.

Thinking we were doing quite well really, I decided to risk a quick shop for some clothes they both needed. 'Ooh bags. Ooh shoes. Ooh hairbands...' You get the gist. She touched EVERY pretty accessory in the shop. She did at least attempt to put them back on the rack after knocking them all off. I blame her Auntie Sarah for her love of shopping, she definitely did NOT get that one from me.

She absolutely HAD to have the twirly mermaid swimsuit so off we went to try it on. She found a shopping basket in the changing room. Who knew a shopping basket could spark so much fun for a 2 year old? Same goes for toilet door and changing room locks, they're just asking to be opened at the most inconvenient moments, right?

Paying for the beautiful new swimsuit, she proudly demonstrated her amazing speed by grabbing my bank card and tapping it to pay for the shopping of the lady next to me... Kind deed of the day done. Thanks Seren. I fear we'll be having a few chats about the illegitimate use of mummy's bank card over the years.

We decided it was time to go home, she asked to go and read stories. Aah that sounds lovely I thought. And finally, after months of no naps, several hours of giving me a few more white hairs and quite a few secret giggles later, she conks out in her car seat. Leaving me sat in the car, not daring to move my beautiful little bull, as half an hour of peace is kind of just what mummy needs right now.

So there you have it. A fairly standard day in my life as mummy to Seren, even without the added bonus of her bonkers big brother added to the mix. I guess mums develop a certain level of patience just to survive the day. I do find other people's children soooo much easier to work with!

With thanks to the staff at the A1 retail Park at Biggleswade for the lovely compliments Seren received today and for all the random people's tolerance towards my daughter just doing her thing. Especially to the staff at Runners Need, Halfords, Boots, M&S and Matalan. Apologies if a few product stands or shop dummies were slightly rearranged during our visit...

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